We’re Livestreaming Sr. Maria Teresa’s Solemn profession!

DSC_4981The Mass and Rite of Solemn Profession will be livestreamed! Join us at 10:00 AM  DST on Saturday, September 6th if you can’t be with us in person!

Just a wee disclaimer! This isn’t EWTN or Vatican Television doing this, just us with our webcam and a little (!) help from YouTube and Google Hangouts!

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Here is the direct link for the livestream:
Solemn Profession of Sr. Maria Teresa

Sr. Maria Teresa’s Solemn Profession: the countdown!

Sr. Maria Teresa’s First Profession

Perhaps some of our readers have noticed that our blog has been a bit quiet lately. When this happens it’s often because life in the monastery has been more busy than usual! However, this time there is a different reason! Sr. Maria Teresa, our official blogger, is on retreat in preparation for her Solemn Profession next Saturday, September 6th at 10 AM.

Preparing for a Solemn Profession shares some similarities with getting ready for a wedding although everything is much more simple and probably a lot less dramatic! There is the guest list and the wondering if people who didn’t RSVP got the invitation. (Unfortunately, in Sister’s case more than a few people invited never got their invitation!) New veils are sewn, there are many music practices and the kitchen sisters decide the reception menu. The sacristan starts changing all the linens and don’t forget to order the flowers!

However, for Sr. Maria Teresa the preparations are mostly spiritual while the rest of us are more involved with the little and many practical details for this beautiful moment in not only Sr. Maria Teresa’s life but in the life of our monastery, the Dominican Order and the Church. Solemn Profession is an eminently Ecclesial event and we are exhorted by the Church that a Solemn Profession should be held on a day and time so that the faithful may participate. This is also why the Profession rite occurs in the sanctuary and not inside the Nuns’ choir.

But a Solemn Profession is also a time of reflection for the rest of the community. For those preparing for their own in the near future it is looked upon with much anticipation. At choir practice you might hear, “When I make my solemn profession I’m going to have such and such music, etc.” For those of us already professed it is a time of remembering our own profession “until death” and if we have been faithful in not only the big things but the “little things” as Father reminded us today at Mass.
Sr. Maria Teresa’s former novice mistress, Sr. Mary Catharine, says that these days are a moment of reminiscing.  When Sister first came to visit: (“She barely spoke a word all day! I had to do all the talking!); when she came for her aspirancy: (“remember her long red hair?”) and her first years in the novitiate. Like many parents Sr. Mary Catharine sighs and says, “How do the years go by so fast!”

Please continue to pray for Sr. Maria Teresa as she prepares to give her life totally to God in a life dedicated to prayer for the salvation of souls and the preaching of the Gospel.

Leadership Workshop

DSC_4877Last week we began a Leadership Workshop with Fr. Michael Monshau, OP. The workshop was organized by the Association of the Monasteries of the Nuns of the Order of Preachers in the United States of America, of which our monastery is a member of. Father began by having us watch the documentary Interrupted Lives about Catholic nuns in Europe during communism. The film demonstrated that leadership is a quality that every sister needs to develop, not just those who hold the office of prioress or novice mistress. Father stressed that the sisters in the film were not the authority figures in their convents; most of them were in their twenties and only in temporary vows.  Yet they were able to preserve their way of life and pass it on to the next generation. Father also taught us about different styles of leadership, qualities in a community that support leadership, etc.

Now it is the turn of our Corpus Christi Monastery in the Bronx as they begin the workshop this week!