Leadership Workshop

DSC_4877Last week we began a Leadership Workshop with Fr. Michael Monshau, OP. The workshop was organized by the Association of the Monasteries of the Nuns of the Order of Preachers in the United States of America, of which our monastery is a member of. Father began by having us watch the documentary Interrupted Lives about Catholic nuns in Europe during communism. The film demonstrated that leadership is a quality that every sister needs to develop, not just those who hold the office of prioress or novice mistress. Father stressed that the sisters in the film were not the authority figures in their convents; most of them were in their twenties and only in temporary vows.  Yet they were able to preserve their way of life and pass it on to the next generation. Father also taught us about different styles of leadership, qualities in a community that support leadership, etc.

Now it is the turn of our Corpus Christi Monastery in the Bronx as they begin the workshop this week!


Visiting Friars

DSC_4528Last week we had the joy of visiting with Fr. Peter Martyr Yungwirth, OP, Rev. Br. John Maria Devaney, OP, and Rev. Br. Innocent Smith, OP. Br. John Maria will be spending his deacon year at St. Vincent Ferrer’s in New York while Fr. Peter Martyr and Br. Innocent will return to DC to finish up their S.T.L.s (Licentiate in Sacred Theology). As always, it was good to visit with our brothers and hear what God’s been doing in their ministries.


St. Dominic’s Day

Blessed (belated) Solemnity of Our Holy Father Saint Dominic!

Decoration on the doors to the community room.

Decoration on the doors to the community room.

Yesterday began with a special blessing: a Mass of Thanksgiving said by newly ordained Fr. Peter Martyr Joseph Yungwirth, OP! Our chaplain, Fr. Gregory, OP and Fr. Michael Monshau, OP, who is here to give us a workshop, concelebrated. After Mass Fr. Peter Martyr gave us his “first priestly blessing”.


Fr. Peter Martyr presiding at Mass.


Father receives Sr. Mary John’s congratulations and promise of prayers after having given her his blessing.

For our Holy Founder’s feast day we celebrate with what we call a “10 & 4″.  Recreation and a snack at 10am and 4pm, as well as talking meals for dinner and supper in the community room.


The 4 snack is always ice cream! Sr. Mary Magdalene dishes out a scoop for Sr. Mary Elizabeth.

After ice cream, some of the sisters received permission to spend the afternoon outside. Unlike the past few years, this Summer has had beautiful weather.


Giving the statue of Our Lady a wash.


Relaxing by the pond construction. Sabina loves being pet!


Harvesting Sr. Mary Magdalene’s squash.