Behind the Scenes with ElectricPeakCreative

Sr. Mary Elizabeth, 82, was the cheerleader during a soccer game at recreation that ElectricPeakCreative filmed. After the game she gave the sisters all high-fives (the Sr. Mary Elizabeth way) for a game well-played. You can watch the behind-the-scenes video clip below!

Capital Campaign Filming

This past week has been an interesting one as we’ve had a film crew running around the monastery (and at one point on top of our 10ft walls!).  Grassroots Films in collaboration with ElectricPeakCreative will be making a short video for our capital campaign, and we’ve now learned that it takes hours and hours and days and days of filming for a short 7 minute video! It was a joy working with Aaron, Tom, Julia, and Natalie, this week. We were impressed by their professionalism and respect for our life, and definitely recommend ElectricPeakCreative to anyone in need of a film crew!


Filming a sister studying in on of the cells.


So much was going on at recreation, they didn’t know what to film first!


No, that’s not a laptop in front of Sr. Mary Veronica–it’s her rosary-making box!


Sr. Mary Catharine, novice mistress, is filmed speaking with one of her novices.


It was a very tight fit getting all of the camera and lighting equipment into Sister’s tiny office!


Sr. Judith Miryam, Infirmarian, is readied for her interview in the infirmary office.

July 4th in the Monastery

Just before our Annual Retreat began, photographer Toni Greaves visited for a few days to take some updated pictures for an exciting project she is working on. Toni especially wanted to take some shots of our annual July 4th trip to the roof to watch fireworks!


For days before the 4th we experienced severe thunderstorms that threatened to wash out the firework displays. When the weather finally cleared on the 3rd the sky was absolutely beautiful!

For the 4th of July we celebrate the founding of our country with recreation in the morning and two talking meals at dinner and supper. When the weather cooperates these meals are picnics on the cloister! This year we were able to have dinner on the cloister, but for supper we came inside to the community room. With New Jersey weather it is always a bit hit-or-miss. It might be too hot, too cold, too rainy, too sunny, or anything in between!


Sr. Mary Cecilia, aspirant Jen, and Sr. Mary Jacinta enjoy a ‘talking meal’ in the community room for supper on the 4th.DSC_4235During this visit Toni found herself on the opposite side of a camera. Some mischievous sisters were able to take her picture during supper almost without her realizing it.



Sr. Mary Daniel entertains Toni at supper with one of her famous stories.

After Compline most of the younger sisters headed up to the top roof to watch Summit’s firework show (along with the shows of 12 other towns we can see from there!).

DSC_4288 DSC_4283

After all of the excitement of the day we were ready for our Annual Retreat to begin!