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IMG_1941The Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary, Summit, New Jersey, has been the home of our community for 95 years. Familiarly called “Rosary Shrine”, our monastery has also been a place of prayer and pilgrimage for the generations of people who have come to our chapel.
Our special devotion to Our Blessed Lady is expressed in “The Adoring Rosary,” as we continually contemplate the Mysteries of Salvation through Mary’s eyes and heart before Our Eucharistic King solemnly exposed in the Monstrance.

Due to the increase of new vocations and inadequate facilities for welcoming visitors, there is an urgent need for expansion and renovation to our monastery. To this end, we have begun initial architectural plans and have formed a Centennial Committee of devoted and expert consultants to assist us in this exciting project.

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Plans for the new wing of the Monastery include:

  • Entrance Lobby

  • Gift Shop

  • Guest rooms for aspirants, retreats and family visiting

  • Parlors

  • Dining Room and Sitting Room

  • Garden Patio for guests

  • Work Rooms and Exercise Room for the Nuns

  • Elevator

  • Handicap access to both the Chapel and the New Wing

The 800th anniversary of the founding of the Dominican Order in 2016 and our own 100th anniversary in 2019 have inspired this dream of making our monastery a fitting center of the “Holy Preaching” for the New Evangelization. Our new wing will allow us to further extend our monastic hospitality as we offer a peaceful sanctuary for our visitors to encounter the love and mercy of God.

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Lord, reward with eternal life all those who do good to us for the sake of Your Holy Name!